Создание совместных предприятий
Are you an EU company looking for access to the Russian market?

Joint Ventures (JV) - Joint ventures provide access to new sales markets, technologies and know-how.

They are an investment form that is growing in popularity in Russia.
This partnership is beneficial for both sides: the foreign side has access to the Russian market and the Russian side itself offers its customers a high-tech product.

The positive results of the activities of a joint venture are:

1) Introduction of goods or services originating from joint activity to the market
2) Attracting investment
3) Development of new
sales markets, optimization of the control system etc.

The experts of Novinvent-West Ltd. carry out a series of measures necessary for a joint venture establishment:

- Economic performance analysis of the potential joint venture: calculation of expenditure, income, investment yield and overall profitability
- Search for a Russian business partner
- Signing of a declaration of intent to establish JV
- Carrying out a feasibility study
- Preparation for establishing the JV
- Choice of a legal entity of the company according to laws and regulations of the country where the seat is determined
- Company registration with the national authorities