Market analysis

Исследование рынка
Novinvent-West Ltd. will carry out an analysis of the current situation on the market of the target region in the desired market area, using all modern methods.

In the development of foreign markets, companies are often faced with the problem that the demand for their product / services is inadequate.

We will help you to answer the following questions:

1) Does your product / service currently have sales prospects in this region?
2) How is the demand and acceptable price structure for the requested region?
3) How strong is the competition?
4) How will prospects for sales be in the future?
5) Who can be direct consumer of the product / services?

Our experts will carry out a comprehensive analysis for a customer. We will imply the following steps:

- research on financial, natural resources, human resources, production resources
- General influence of economic and political structures on the market
- Demand for the product or service within the specific market and also its price level
- Detailed analysis of the region where the product / service will be made available, the starting point for marketing measures within the target market/region