Investment consulting

Инвестиционный консалтинг
Novinvent-West Ltd. offers a wide range of services for project initiators and investors in choosing a suitable investment scheme and more effective ownership.

Invest in Russia

Today, more and more Russian companies are seeking help in choosing an investment project, realizing it and looking for investors.

For project initiators, we offer the following services:

1) Project calculations - Preparation of financial models and business concepts
2) Preparation of project documentation for investors
3) Evaluation of the most efficient use of various resources
4) Help with investor search

For investors, we offer the following services:

1) Search for investment projects with specified parameters
2) Due diligence
3) Assessment of investment projects
4) Legal advice of the project

Advice on investment projects by experts at Novinvent-West Ltd. can be carried out in various ways:
- Advice to individual questions you may have
- Planning an investment project
- Planning and execution of an investment project


Project Management

Project management differs from management in the classical sense of the word. Project management is classified as a management task in project definition, project implementation and project completion. The aim is that projects should be properly planned and controlled, the risks should be limited, opportunities should be used, and project objectives should be qualitative, timely and cost-effective.

PM comprises the management tasks, organization, techniques and resources for the successful completion of a project. Project management can thus be defined as a set of management tasks, organization, techniques and resources for the execution of a project.

Novinvent-West Ltd. offers you a wide range of services in the field of project management:

1) Outsourcing of project management tasks for the full spectrum.
The advantages of outsourcing include:
- No problems with professional deficiencies
- Possibility to realize a higher number of projects
- Improving the quality of results
- Introduction of state-of-the-art management technologies
- Increase in employee productivity
- Improving management transparency

2) Transfer of individual functions to the consulting company. This includes support for project management.
We provide all required resources for executing individual functions.

3) The project office of Novinvent-West Ltd. will provide you with employees who will assume all development-related and supervising tasks within the framework of the project.

As you can see, our company offers a variety of solutions: from the customer's local tasks to deep-reaching long-term collaboration to the development of project management within the company.